Big Mama's Soul Food Cooking

Big Mama sure knew a lot about soul food cooking. Like any good student I paid close attention as Big Mama worked her way around the kitchen. With such elegance and grace she cooked up meals like no other. Big Mama didn't know it at the time but I was learning all of her secrets. It's sad but I was the only person in my family that picked up and learned her many recipes.  Everyone else in my family was all about eating.  No one else seemed to take an interest in learning how to cook homemade from scratch.  

But now they wish they had learned. With that being said, I have been hesitant to cook for them.  In fact I cook for my immediate family often and my aunts, uncles, and distance cousins on special occasions and holidays.

I guess my family members should have appreciated Big Mama enough to show interest in her soul food cooking and learned to cook for themselves.  Enough about me and my family, I love to share Big Mama's recipes with new found friends.  So here are some great recipes for you to enjoy.

Big Mama's Soul Food Recipe

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