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Let us know what's cooking in your kitchen and share your favorite recipe with us.  This is your opportunity to pass along the gift of good eating to people just like you who appreciated some good old-fashioned soul food and southern cooking.

We are collecting recipes for three important reasons.

First, I'd like to give you a chance to pass along your recipes and cooking techniques to future generations.  This is a great opportunity for you. This could be one of many ways that you can pass down your family history and create everlasting memories.

Second, I get request all the time from people just like you wondering what's cooking.  I just know you're curious as to what other people are cooking too?  So post your recipe for others to see and the favor will be returned.

Third, I want to give you the best recipes possible.  If you have improved upon my recipes, please share your new recipes with everybody.

I totally respect your privacy. If I choose your recipe for posting, I will only include your  name.  Your email address will not be shared.

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We want to thank you in advance for taking the time to share you recipe with us.  For being so generous we'd like to send you a free gift courtesy of the folks who maintain this free recipe and cooking resource.  That said, be sure to give us your real email address above, because we will use that email address to send you the free gift.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Not all recipes are posted because we often receive junk recipes that are copied and pasted from other websites (don't do that) or the recipe ingredients and instructions just don't make sense.  As such, we will review the recipe you submitted and determine whether to post it to this website.  If we do decide to post your recipe we will notify you by email.