Learn The Cooking Basics So You Can Stop Making 
Excuses For Not Being A GREAT Cook

Anyone can cook. Even you.

I'm serious, you can learn to cook tasty dishes if you follow the cooking basics.  I should know.  I was once just like you.  In fact, at one time I was banned from the kitchen.

Yes I gave cooking my best shot, but nothing I tried cooking turned out right.  I burned eggs, I had trouble boiling water, I even scorched a few slices of toast.  I guess as far as cooking goes, I was considered a lost cause. 

Although I was extremely frustrated I soon learned the secret to becoming a great cook.

Being a good cook doesn't just happen overnight.  However, if you hang around and watch great cooks you can quickly overcome a steep learning curve.

For me the light went on in my head when my mother took me under her wing and showed me all that she knew.  

I was also coached by other cooking greats, mainly my grandma. If you're like most people, your inability to cook stems from one reason. No one ever showed you around the kitchen and made everything make since to you.

That is until now.

Let me be your personal guide, enlighten you with cooking knowledge and lead you step by step as you learn to cook.

The Basics Of Cooking

Before we get into the basic cooking techniques there is plenty of information you need to know. We'll start off with 3 basic steps. Before you take any action be sure to read and understand each step.

1. Before you do any cooking you must know what to stock in your kitchen pantry. Check out my food pantry for some detailed advice on how to stock you food pantry with useful food and ingredients that you can use from day to day.

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