Beans or Legumes! Which Name Do You Prefer?

No matter which name you prefer, beans or legumes are wholesome and nutritious. Eat beans, grow and prosper is an old southern saying.

The bean also known as a legume is very healthy and inexpensive. What I find most appealing about beans and legumes is that they are a great source or protein, contain lots of fiber and can be found pre-cooked, fresh, frozen or dried.

Legumes are great. For African Americans and many southerners the most notable legume is the black eyed pea.

Thought to bring prosperity throughout the year, black eyed peas are eaten by many on New Year's Day.

It's most important to note that there are many varieties of healthy beans or legumes. Some of the most popular legumes are black beans, black eye peas, green beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans and red beans.

Legumes boost many benefits for those who eat them. Beans or legumes...

  • Are low fat
  • Very cheap and inexpensive
  • Have little to no cholesterol
  • Contain lots of complex carbohydrates
  • Tend to lessen your appetite..which means you eat less
  • Are a good source of protein, when combined with grains
  • Are a good source of vitamins and fiber, which promote proper digestion

With all of these benefits you can easily see that legumes and beans make excellent and healthy additions to your soul food menu. Help promote healthy living in your family today by cooking up some delicious beans.

Healthy and Inexpensive Bean Recipes

Black Eyed Peas Can Bring You Good Luck
Eat black eyed peas and bring good luck to your family year-round. This African American New Year's favorite can be eating throughout the year. Maybe it will bring you good luck.

Pinto Beans A Great Replacement for Red Meats
Are you looking for tasty soul food that's also healthy? Cook pinto beans and rice for an essentially fat-free side dish that's packed with protein.

Lima Bean Recipe - A Beans or Legumes Special
Give this healthy and nutritious lima beans recipe a try as an alternative to meat. You're sure to create a meal that's packed with high quality protein with less calories than meat.

New Orleans red bean and rice recipe
You can serve this New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice dish with fried chicken and corn bread.

Barbecue Baked Beans
This baked bean recipe is quick and easy and cooks up in your oven in about 1 hour. If you're serious about having a successful backyard barbecue or cookout you definitely want to serve these baked beans.

Barbecued Baked Beans
A quick and easy barbecued baked beans recipe. This homemade oven baked beans recipe uses the simplest of ingredients and cooks up in just over 3 hours. You're going to love these.

Bean Dip Recipe
Prepare this hot and spicy bean dip appetizer recipe and you'll be the talk of the party.

Chilli Bean Bake
A gorgeous blend of everything, resulting in a chili bean bake with a meaty texture to satisfy every food lover. This recipe is spicy, creamy, and cheesy.

Black Bean and Chicken Casserole
A southwestern style black bean and chicken tortilla casserole recipe that's packed with a lot of spicies. A very flavorful dish.

Pork and Bean Salad
A suprise twist to turn a simple can of pork and beans into a delicious and spicy bean salad, that your family will love. Try the recipe.

7 Layer Bean Dip
A must try quick and easy seven layer bean dip recipe. To keep your guest from getting hungrey, prepared and serve this nice appetizer before the main course meal.

Chicken and Black Bean Casserole
A little something different, serve this delicious and flavorful chicken and black bean casserole as a complete meal.

Ham Hocks and Dry Lima Beans
Here our visitors offer tips on how to cook ham hocks with dry lima beans using a pressure cooker.

Tips: Getting The Most Out Of Your Beans or Legumes

  • Instructions on how to cook pinto beans
  • Our best tips for learning how to season pinto beans
  • Here we offer direction on how to cook oxtails with lima beans and rice
  • Minimize the gassy effects of beans by changing your soaking water several times.
  • If you're tried of eating meat, eat beans with grain and you'll meet your nutritional needs.
  • Help your stomach digest that extra fiber from beans by drinking more fluids and exercising regularly.