How to Make Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes

Here we have compiled a list of smoothie recipes. These are very popular and the most requested recipes for smoothies as voted by our website visitors. Below you will find links to healthy smoothies, breakfast smoothies, low fat smoothies and fruit smoothies which are very simple to make and most important are delicious to drink.

When you get a chance, try out some of our smoothies and then stop back by to leave your review of the recipes you tried out. 

You can click over to our healthy smoothies page for several recipes including: Avocado Avalanche, Cappuccino, Cherry Cantaloupe, Frozen Fruit, Orange Pineapple, Mango, Peach and Sweet Potato smoothie.

If you like berries, then you must try out our collection of berry smoothies for Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry. 

Each of these recipes will result in a blast of explosive flavor.

We also have a low fat smoothies page which you should visit.  What we like best about our low fat smoothies is the fact that these recipes have 3 grams or less of fat.

If you want to change your breakfast routine, read our article on How to Make a Breakfast Smoothie and enjoy the best breakfast every.

More Smoothie Recipes

  • Avocado Smoothie - this healthy avocado smoothies is packed with enough protein to energize you.
  • Banana Smoothie - give this rich and creamy banana smoothie drink a try.
  • Blackberry Smoothie - put your leftover blackberries to good use before the rot by preparing this BERRY delicious smoothie.
  • Blueberry Smoothie - another delicious blueberry smoothie drink recipe for you to try out. See the unique ingredients we use.
  • Chocolate Smoothie - chocolate lovers beware of this delicious smoothie drink that you could get addicted to.
  • Coconut Smoothie - with this smoothie you can take advantage of the health benefits of coconut.
  • Coffee Smoothie - change you morning coffee routine by enjoying a delicious coffee smoothie.
  • Healthy Smoothies - are most delicious and healthy smoothies are gathered here.
  • Low Fat Smoothies - these lowfat smoothies contain 3 grams or less fat but are still great tasting.
  • Soulfood Smoothie - here is our soul food smoothie. Try out this unique recipe.