Boiled Cabbage That Smells and Taste Great
Just Like Grandma's

World's Best Boiled CabbageWorld's Best Boiled Cabbage

Before I share the boiled cabbage recipe let me set the record straight. Yes cabbage will let off an odor while it cooks, however, to get rid of the unpleasant smell just wash the vegetable in some vinegar or add lemon juice.

Okay now that we got past the negatives of cooking cabbage, let's proceed. If cooked cabbage appeals to your taste buds, try boiling your cabbage. Just a little something different than coleslaw.

Cooked cabbage is a very tasty vegetable side item that you can add to make your meal more nutritious. Over the years boiled cabbage has received much criticism for having a strong fowl odor that is released when it's cooked.  

But I assure you the odor can be reduced with a good washing in vinegar or by adding fresh lemon juice to your boiling water. Again, cabbage is an excellent choice for a side item for your next soul food dinner.

Here is a simple and easy to follow recipe for boiling cabbage.

Boiled CabbageBoiled Cabbage

Boiled Cabbage Recipe

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 head cabbage, green
  • 2 slices of thick bacon
  • lemon juice if required
  • vinegar if required
  • alt to taste

Cookware and Utensils:

  • 1 5 or 6 quart boiling pot
  • 1 cutting board
  • 1 stainless steel knife

Recipe Instructions:

As always the key to great cooking is to be prepared and to use quality ingredients.

  1. Clean your cabbage by removing the outer layer of leaves. Cut the cabbage head into quarters and then rinse under cold running water.
  2. Visible inspect your cabbage for the presence of insects or worms. If they are present that's okay. Rid the insects by soaking your cabbage in vinegar water for 20 minutes.
  3. Using a stainless steel knife cut the stem off of each cabbage quarter. To shred by hand place the cabbage with flat side down on a cutting board. Cut the cabbage in slices to desired thickness.
  4. You can also shred by using a kitchen mandoline slicer or a food processor. Next, cut uncooked bacon into small bite size pieces.
  5. Pour about 1-1/2 inches of fresh cold water into your pot. Add bacon then shredded cabbage. With lid off of pot, simmer about 1 hour until cabbage is tender.

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To reduce the smell of the cabbage while it cooks add a bit vinegar. However if you want to soak the cabbage in order to get rid of pests use lemon juice instead.

If you must add salt to taste, do this just before the cabbage is done.

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