Christmas Dinner Menu Recipes and Ideas

Some people say that no Christmas dinner menu is complete without serving a big delicious and juicy honey baked ham.  Since I am a big fan of pork, particularly ham, I'd have to say I agree.  Baked ham has become a holiday staple in my house.

In addition to honey baked ham, a Traditional Christmas dinner also includes side dishes such as mashed potatoes, dressing, candied yams, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, gravy, and some delicious desserts.

This year your Christmas menu should include all of the Christmas recipes I mentioned above for one good reason.  

At this point you're probably wondering why you should include the recipes I mention on this page.  

Because these are the tried and true traditional holiday recipes favorites that people have grown to love and expect to see on anyone's dinner table.

Below is my personal collection of Christmas dinner recipes that you can use to prepare a meal for your family this year. Enjoy!

Okay, let me be honest with you.  These are the same recipes I prepare each year for my family during Christmas holiday.  From time to time I have also prepared the same recipes for my office holiday Christmas party.  In both cases I always received rave reviews with everyone saying how awesome my foods taste.  I even get plenty of comments saying that my foods take just like Grandma's home cooking.  All said try out all of these recipes if you want to make a great impression and get the praise you rightly deserve.

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