Christmas Menu Ideas

Need help planning your Christmas Menu?  If you have answered yes you've come to the right place.  On this holiday recipes page you'll find a collection of America's favorite Christmas dinner recipes all of which your family and dinner holiday guest will love to eat.

Each recipe below, having been blessed off by family, friends, and past visitors to this website, are all tried and true traditional Christmas recipes that I'm sure your family will love.  Don't try just one recipe, try them all.

Christmas Dinner Suggestion

Here is my suggest as to what your christmas dinner menu should include.

  • Roasted Turkey - This easy roast turkey recipe will complete thanksgiving dinner. Save your turkey necks and chicken gizzards for the giblet gravy.


  • Honey baked ham - This baked ham cooks up nice and easy with tremendous taste.

with the following sides

  • Corn Bread Dressing - This homemade corn bread dressing is a family favorite for the holidays.
  • Cranberry Sauce - A made from scratch cranberry sauce to serve with Turkey and corn bread dressing.
  • Giblet Gravy - This homemade giblet gravy will complement you cornbread dressing.
  • Candied Yams - This sweet and delicious potato side dish taste like dessert.
  • Macaroni and Cheese - Everybody loves mac and chess with their honey baked ham.
  • Deviled Eggs - We usually serve deviled eggs as our only appetizer before letting our family eat dinner.
  • Red Velvet Cake - This cake will wow everyone he decided to eat a piece.
  • Pecan Pie - This one of two homemade pecan pie recipes we have on the website. The other recipe is chocolate pecan pie.

Need more christmas dinner recipes?  Or how about some delicious christmas candy recipes or christmas desserts that can be served this holiday season?