All Time Favorite Southern Foods

I'm a fan of Southern-style cooking, and one of my favorite dishes is southern fried chicken. The combination of the crispy, seasoned outer layer and the juicy, flavorful chicken on the inside is unbeatable. There's something so comforting about a plate full of traditional Southern fare: creamy mac 'n' cheese; rich and savory baked beans; crunchy coleslaw; fluffy hush puppies, and more.

Southern food is made with love, and eating it transports me back to special occasions shared with family and friends. Whenever I want a soul-satisfying meal that reminds me of home, I go for Southern-style cooking - especially fried chicken!

Most people will agree that southern foods make for good eating. However down south that's about all people will agree on.  Based on a persons particular likes and dislikes his or her all time favorites could be any of a number of southern dishes.  As or me, my Sunday dinner will be incomplete without the addition of the foods southern folks have grown to love.  

Now getting back to the all time southern favorite foods.  Any respectable southern restaurant or southern dinner will have some of the foods and drinks listed below as part of it's menu.  My all time favorite southern meal from the recipes listed below would have to be fried chicken, with collard greens, baked macaroni and cheese and homemade lemonade.

That said, all you have to do is just mix and match the any of the recipe below to create yourself a true southern dinner menu.

Southern Recipes

Fried Catfish
Fried Chicken
Southern Pork Chops
Liver and Onions
Cole Slaw
Collard Greens
Southern Style Corn Bread
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Chicken and Dumplings
Potato salad
Vegetable Soup
Red Velvet Cake
Pecan Pie
Peach Cobbler
Sweet Tea
Homemade Lemonade

After looking over this list which recipes are you favorites?

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