Soul Food Thanksgiving Recipes

This year why not serve your family traditional soul food thanksgiving recipes?  There really is no other way to go. If it was good enough for you growing up then it's good enough for your family now. 

I can still remember all those thanksgiving dinners where Big Mama and her sisters spent countless hours in the kitchen cooking delicious meals using there secret family recipes. 

All the time the women spent in the kitchen was not in vain because their foods tasted so good that you never left the table hungry or wanting for anything.  

If you haven't done so for many years, its time to get back to the roots and serve up some traditional African American thanksgiving recipes

The readers and visitors to this website all agree that the all time favorite thanksgiving dinner recipes include the following main courses, side dishes and desserts:

Traditional Soul Food Thanksgiving Recipes

  •   Honey baked ham - This honey baked ham will be the centerpiece of your thanksgiving dinner so you can not afford to miss this up.
  •   Corn Bread Dressing - We don’t like stuffing that much in my house however we do love to prepare this homemade corn bread dressing recipe.
  •   Giblet Gravy -  This is a popular gravy recipe that uses chicken gizzards and eggs as the main base for making some wonderful gravy that you can pour all over your cornbread dressing.
  •   Potato Salad - We mix things up a bit by serving this cold potato salad dish which works well with the honey baked ham.
  •   Black Eyed Peas - We like these black-eyed peas to serve along side our collard greens and macaroni and cheese.
  •   Collard Greens Recipe -These recipe produces collard greens that taste just like grandma's original homemade dish.
  •   Macaroni and Cheese - Here is a baked macaroni and cheese recipe that compliment the collard greens and black-eyed peas.
  •   Candied Yams - This candied yams recipe will compliment the honey baked ham.
  •   Sweet Potato Pie - We like this sweet potato pie for obvious reasons. The pie tastes so sweet and delicious.
  •   Red Velvet Cake - This is our favorite homemade cake recipe for the holiday season.  We love to put this on display and make everyone beg for a slice of cake.
  •   Pecan Pie -I n our home thanksgiving would be incomplete if we failed to prepare our tried and true kitchen test pecan pie.

I am sure you will enjoy this years soulfood thanksgiving dinner menu prepared just like the good old days. Be sure to check out some other Holiday recipes on this site.

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