Our Summer Barbecue Recipes Help You Prepare Some Lip Smacking and Finger Licking Barbecue

I love to smack my lips and lick my fingers as I enjoy these summer barbecue recipes. Not a single summer has gone by where I didn't take advantage or the great weather.

When the weather good I head outside to barbecue, grill, or smoke some of my favorite cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood meats. 

Are you're adventurous like me and don't mind going outdoors and getting your hands dirty?

Yes, I thought so!!

I invite you to head outdoors to make some of the best food you've ever tasted.

In fact, I challenge you to cook up some of my favorite bbq recipes that visitors to this site have grown to love.

Here are some summer barbecue recipes that you just have to try.

  • Baby Back Ribs - Cooking baby back ribs is the simplest of all rib recipes. Try this out and learn how to cook baby back ribs quick and easy.  
  • Grilled Pork Ribs - Learn the tips, techniques and secret of how to grill the best tasting, lip smacking, finger licking pork ribs.

Here Are My Most Requested and Favorite Side Dishes  

  • Baked Beans - This great tasting baked bean recipe is a must have for your next summer barbecue or cookout.  
  • Herbed Cole Slaw - You can learn how to make great tasting cole slaw. It's quick and easy with this simple cole slaw recipe. This recipe works well for most functions including barbecues, parties and picnics.   
  • Corn on the Cob - This grilled corn on the cob recipe is so so delicious and mouthwatering. A great recipe for herb butter is included as part of the recipe, a perfect compliment to the grilled corn

Barbecue Poultry and Chicken Recipes   

  • Chicken Kabobs - A grilled chicken kabobs recipe that work wonders and will be well received by your guest during your summer barbecue event.  
  • Grilled Chicken Breast - Create some unbelievably moist and juicy grilled chicken breast with this simple yet easy grill recipe.   
  • Chicken Wings - No summer cookout is complete without this tasty grilled chicken wings recipe. This grilled wings recipe is a must if you're going to fire up the barbecue grill.

Some Visitor All-Time Favorite Beef Recipes   

  • Beef Kabobs - For those who prefer beef over chicken, this beef kabobs recipe will be an added addition to this years summer barbecue menu.  
  • Beef Short Ribs - You gotta love that beef. This beef short rib recipe is for the outdoor cook who is looking for an alternative to pork.

Some Grilled Fish and Seafood Favorites  

  • Grilled Salmon - A quick and easy recipe for grilled salmon an all-time seafood favorite. Be warned that you could possible get hooked on this delicious seafood dish.   
  • Grilled Shrimp - Cooking shrimp on the grill is way too easy with this simple, quick and easy recipe for grilled shrimp.

Hope you have fun this summer cooking up all of these summer barbecue recipes.Click here for more summer recipes. Enjoy!