Soul Food Dinner Menu Ideas

Soul Food Sunday Dinner RecipeSoul Food Sunday Dinner Recipe

Here's What To Cook for Dinner Tonight

Don't know what's for dinner?  

No problem, the April 2006 soul food dinner menu idea answers the mail. This page is in response to the frequent request I get all the time to provide dinner ideas.  In addition to providing dinner ideas I went one step farther and also provide the dinner recipes as well.  

If you're like me and many others, you have figured out that it can be difficult deciding what to serve your family or guest for dinner.

You want to send the right message and make a great impression but where do you start? Don't worry put your mind at ease, here is my suggested dinner idea.

BBQ Ribs Dinner Menu

  • Baked Barbecue Ribs - here is my once secret oven baked barbecue ribs.  Just another way I prepare ribs when I run out of charcoal. 
  • Macaroni and Cheese - enjoy this old fashioned homemade macaroni and cheese that bakes up easy in the oven in about 1 hour.
  • Cabbage - you're going to love this boiled cabbage recipe that taste just like Grandma's original recipe.
  • Corn Bread -  if I'm eating cabbage I'm also preparing this delicious cornbread recipe to.
  • Banana Pudding - this is the quickest and easiest dessert that I know of to make by yourself at home.
  • Homemade Pink Lemonade - I usually prepare a large pitcher of homemade pick lemonade to drink while I'm cooking and I'll finish off what's left when I sit down for dinner.

All of the previous dinner recipes are simple and will produce great tasting food. Next month you have two options. You can return here and download the May soul food menu idea or trust your instinct, be adventurous and cook from the soul.