Best Picnic Side Dishes For Spring and Summer Fun

So what picnic side dishes should you serve during your next big event? Whether your planning a Memorial Day even, Summer barbecues, Birthday party, or Fish fry I know one thing for sure, you can't go wrong if your menu contains some of the all time favorite picnic dishes.

When I sit down to plan which picnic side items I'm going to serve I always consider three things:

  •   The preference of my guest...what they like to eat
  •   How much time do I have to prepare for the picnic
  •   My budget...I don't want to break the back

As far as my personal preference and that of my guest I always plan on including what I call universal side dishes and menu items such as:

Also, what's a picnic with some mouthwatering fried chicken?  Don't forget to serve some homemade desserts like sweet potato pie, peach cobbler or pecan pie.  When you get a chance leave us a message telling us all about the favorite side dishes you serve at picnics.

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