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Best Tasting Chicken Dish

Thought we would have a little fun by taking a quick poll to finally determine the way most people prefer their chicken to be prepared.  We came up with this idea because we have received a lot of email request from our readers asking for chicken recipes. 

Most of the request were very generic and rarely did these request get specific enough.  We had no idea whether the readers were asking for oven baked, deep fried, grilled, pan fried, barbecued, smoked, smothered, or rotisserie chicken.

We have some preliminary results in and the American public has spoken and nominated the best tasting chicken. 

When it comes to preparing our favorite chicken recipe or just eating out we all have our personal likes and dislikes.  So how do you prefer your chicken to be prepared?  Go ahead and cast your vote to see what everybody else thinks.  Once you cast you vote you'll instantly be able to see how other people voted.

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Here are my TOP 10 Most Favorite Chicken Recipes just in case you now have the urge to cook up some chicken.

My favorite is the smothered chicken recipe that I like to prepare so often.  If you're stumped and don't know where to start I'd recommend cooking up some homemade mouthwatering, lip smacking, melt in your mouth smothered chicken.  It works for me, so maybe it'll work for you as well.

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