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Here you'll find book reviews of Soul Food cook books that you can use to grow or compliment your cookbook collection.  This free book review page was designed specifically for those of you who asked for cook book reviews.  Just like you, I sometime find myself trying to squeeze out more of the most precious resource on earth (time), due to a hectic work schedule and family obligations.  I'm pleased to say that relief is here.

My hope is to give you a good start in tracking down good cook books that feature delicious mouth-watering recipes.  Since you're actively seeking a cook book, I'm sure you must realize that the heart and soul of the home is in the kitchen.  

In my experience it's true that a well cooked meal is the easiest way to your families' heart.

Each cook book review will be brief and straight to the point. My goal of each book review is to take the guesswork out of selecting the right book in order to get you into the kitchen as soon as possible.  

Here are my latest Soulfood Cookbook recommendations for your viewing pleasure and selection.

Diabetic Cook Book

New SoulFood CookBook For People With Diabetes
by Fabiola Demps Gaines, Roniece Weaver

Diabetic Cook Book

Lite Cuisine
by Patti LaBelle

Family Cook Book

The Black Family Reunion Cookbook
by National Council of Negro Women

Soul Food Cook Book

The New Soul Food CookBook
by Wilbert Jones

As you well may already know, soul food cook books make great gifts. I even display my cook books on my coffee tables. The right cook book definitely comes in handy when you're ready to cook up some delicious mouthwatering soul food.

One important parting thought before you leave!

Basic cooking knowledge is becoming extinct. In today's society everyone seems to be more focused on what's going on outside of the house. Learning your way around the kitchen has been neglected. Based on this disturbing trend it's important that you choose a cook book that talks to your level of understand. One that teaches and guides you around the kitchen.

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