Family Cook Book Review of The Black Family
Reunion Cookbook: Recipe and Food Memories

The Black Family Reunion Cookbook is a family cook book consisting of a collection of African American soul food recipes drawn from kitchens across America.

Recipes in this book are packed with flavor, so there's no need to worry about fat, cholesterol, sodium, or sugar.  Because they're all here, these recipes are all original traditional favorites and not the healthy versions.

The book provides a glimpse into black communities throughout the United States by way of that special place, the kitchen.

The traditional soul food recipes contained in The Black Family Reunion Cookbook will be a welcomed addition to your cooking collection.  It's apparent that a lot of these recipes have been passed down through generations.

Some of the popular recipes included in this cook book include: collard greens, okra and tomatoes, fried catfish, ham hocks, oxtail stew, pork chops, corn bread, hoe cakes, sweet potato biscuits, banana pudding, pound cake and much more.

Which recipes are my personal favorites?  I loved the chicken and dumplings, shrimp etouffe, sweet potato nut bread, ham hocks and red beans, and smothered cabbage.

Featuring over 250 recipes you'll be able to prepare tasty soul food dishes for all occasions. With so many recipes there is something for everyone to try and enjoy.  Among the recipe categories included are: breads, soups and salads, vegetables and sides, main dishes and desserts.  If I only had a few dollars to my name and just had to buy a cookbook this would be the book I's spend my last cent on.

Looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to grow or start your very own soul food cook book collection?

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