Grilled Or Barbecue

Which Cooking Method Do You Prefer?

Grilling and barbecuing are two popular cooking methods.

Grilled or Barbecue, which cooking method do you prefer? Did that sentence sound odd? If you're like most Americans the sentence does seem odd and redundant.

It's my opinion, like many others that there definitely is a clear distinction between grill and barbecue cooking methods.

The most apparent differences in the two cooking techniques is the time required to fully cook the food and the temperature at which the food cooks.

Grilling typically involves cooking food directly over a hot flame, while barbecuing typically involves cooking the food indirectly over a low temperature heat source such as charcoal, wood chips, or gas.

Grilling is best suited for quick-cooking foods such as burgers, steaks, and vegetables while barbecuing is ideal for larger pieces of meat such as pork shoulder or ribs that require longer cook times.

Let's talk a little bit more in depth about bout cooking methods below.

How to Grill

To be truthful most people grill because this is most convenient, in that grilling is not to time consuming. Grilling is a fast process of cooking your food over a high heat source.

When you grill the food is usually placed on an iron grate directly above a heat source such as charcoal, gas, or a combination of coals and wood chips.

Most backyard grill enthusiast recommends cooking over charcoal which is said to impart more flavors into foods.  

However there is a very large following of gas grillers who prefer to sacrifice a little flavor for ease and shorter cooking times.

How to Barbecue

The barbecue cooking method is well suited for you if you're accustomed to the finer things in life that come from putting in much more effort.  

Unlike grilling, barbecuing is a very slow process of cooking over indirect heat at a very low temperature for an extended time.  

The meat is cooked at 210 degrees Fahrenheit or lower until the meat is tender. Barbecue cooking is usually down in a smoker but you could also use the same charcoal type barbecue grill that you use for backyard grilling.

Grilled or Barbecue Recipes for Cookouts

Now that you now your preference for grilled or barbecue, you are ready for some simple and easy recipes that will bring rave reviews for you summer cookouts, barbecues or parties.

It's Smokin Grill time. Click here for popular cookout barbecue recipes. You'll find great recipes for...

It's Smokin Grill time. Click here for popular cookout barbecue recipes. You'll find great recipes for...

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