The Best Grilling and Barbecue Recipes For Cookouts

Lip Smacking Barbecue RibsLip Smacking Barbecue Ribs

This page contains a full selection of grilling and barbecue recipes for cookouts.  All of the popular grilling recipes and techniques are here: barbecue ribs, grilled salmon, barbecue chicken, grilled shrimp, barbecue pork, and grilled pork chop just to name a few.

When weather permits it's cookout time. Now that the outdoor barbecue season is well underway you will need tips on grilling and BBQ recipes for cookouts. Here you will find the required knowledge outdoor cooks must have in order to become the master of outdoor barbecuing.  

With a little preparation, you could easily be the envy of your family and friends by hosting a perfect barbecue cookout. I know you're here for the grilling and barbecue recipes for cookouts but consider this advice.  

Here is my recommendation, now that you know what's available for immediate download.  Before grabbing your favorite barbecue recipe and running, take the time to learn how to have the best outdoor barbecue cookout experience.

Grilling and Barbecue Recipe For Cookouts

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Preparing For The Barbecue Cookout

Barbecuing can be lots of fun.  In fact there is no better way to spend your weekend. Who doesn't love great tasting foods cooked over an open flame?

Here I have compiled some great information that will assist you in being all that you can be.  You could have the best barbecue recipe, seasoning blend, and barbecue sauces and still fail if you're not equipped with working knowledge of how to host a barbecue event.

Major considerations for outdoor cookouts include:

  •   Finding a suitable location
  •   How should you serve the food
  •   The best barbecues still evolve around the kitchen
  •   How do I provide a variety of foods

Finding a suitable location is a key aspect that should not be taken lightly? Beside, providing for food and entertainment, you need to be able to provide enough working space for everyone. Guest will need suitable parking, wiggle room for mingling and plenty of space for eating. You will need adequate space for placement of your grill and a serving line for your buffet which brings me to the next point.

Traditional buffet style serving is the best way to go when throwing a barbecue cookout. This is easiest for two good reasons: 1) You get to enjoy the party and focus on other things; because you dont have to stand there and serve 2) your guest will love having the opportunity to select exactly what they'll eat.

Most inexperienced grillers focus too much on the main course coming from the grill and fail to provide any variety to their guest. Two important points must be considered here. First, a serving of barbecued meat from your grill doesn't constitute dinner. Therefore you must provide some variety (i.e. appetizers, drinks, breads, vegetable, fruits and dessert. Second, you'll make a grave mistake if you try to cook everything on the grill. Therefore, you'll still have to put in work inside the kitchen, preparing side dishes.

Everyone likes to lend a helping hand, including your guest. Don't do everything for your welcomed visitors, get them involved. To provide a variety of foods that people will eat, have your guest prepare their favorite side dish to bring to the cookout. One word of caution is that this has to be a coordinated effort or you may end up with a lot of the same dishes.

A recap of the secrets to grilling and barbecue recipes for cookouts is selecting a suitable location, buffet style serving, working the kitchen and getting your visitors involved by having them bring a favorite side dish.