Now You Can Experience the Taste Of Home Cooking With Our Real and Authentic Soul Food Recipes

So you want to experience a little taste of home cooking?  I bet you do! Do you also remember the way Grandma used to cook up those delicious meals for Sunday dinner and for holidays to?  I still do and every chance I get I try to create the same memories that I experienced in route to becoming an adult.

When you hear the words "home cooking", I bet it brings back memories. I bet your mouth is probably watering right now at the very thought of  tasting those delicious meals that were prepared for you many years ago.

Who prepared those delicious meals for you?  Was it at grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or just a friend of the family that cooked up those delicious dishes that you often crave?

Whoever it was, I know one thing for sure...they cooked from the heart and by taste.

Each time they cooked your favorite dish, they spent some time, most often they spent hours in the kitchen tweaking the recipes until they tasted just right.  

They tasted, tweaked, tasted, and tweaked the ingredients again until perfection was reached.  If you want to learn to do the same here is your big chance.  

Here's your chance to follow in the footsteps of all the great cooks who came before you. Below you'll find a collection of recipes you can taste and tweak to perfection. This is a working list so bookmark this page and visit often for updates.

Homemade Lyonnaise Potatoes

Ready to eat some Homemade Lyonnaise potatoes...this is a Louisiana favorite.

Red Beans and Ham Hocks

Here is a quick and easy recipe for red beans and ham hocks.  This is one of those bean recipes you will enjoy preparing for your family. 

Sauteed Cabbage

Try this old fashioned, country style way of preparing a delicious side dish of great tasting sautéed cabbage.

Collard Greens and Ham Hocks

Now here is our most popular recipe for collard greens and ham hocks prepared just like Grandma used to.

Honey Baked Ham

During the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I like to prepare honey baked ham for my family and friends.

Cornbread Dressing

In my opinion no holiday meal is completed with some homemade cornbread dressing and giblet gravy.

Giblet Gravy

If you're going to serve homemade cornbread dressing then you also have to have some deliciously prepared giblet gravy.

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