All Time Favorite Southern Chicken Recipes

Over the years I have collected many southern chicken recipes.  I've never been one to brag, however I have been fortunate enough to have friends and relatives who have been so kind in sharing their most cherished family recipes.  

As a result I now have a growing assortment of quick and easy recipes including fried chicken gizzards, smothered chicken, chicken wings, and of course southern fried chicken.  

Today I would like to share with you each of these recipes, along with a few of my other favorites, so that you can join in on all the fun I've had over the years.  

With these recipes in hand you can easily prepare yourself a meal worthy of being eaten by a King.vJust look over the list of recipes you see below, reading through the description and then click over when you see something you like.  

Print off the chicken recipe that most interest you then head to the kitchen to cook yourself a tasty batch of chicken.

Best Southern Chicken Recipes

Southern Fried Chicken - ready for eat some mouthwatering fried chicken?  If you answered yes this recipe will satisfy your craving for fried food.  Cook yourself a full batch of chicken and then invite over the rest of the family so that they can eat to.

Smothered Chicken - this chicken is by far the most requested and most favorite of all chicken recipes on this site.  This is the type of meat dish you will have to fix at home since you will not find this in restaurants nowadays.

Smoked Whole Chicken - I love smoked chicken and as such I just had to include this recipe although I know it's not a recipe for fried chicken.  If you want to try something different try smoking for added flavor. 

Grilled Chicken Wings - No backyard cookout or barbecue is complete without serving up some mouthwatering and lip smacking grilled chicken wings.  The wings from this recipe are always a hit. They all get eaten so don't expect any leftovers. Sorry about that.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings - here is a chicken wings dish that they men and boys of the family will really love and enjoy eating.  Although most people prefer their wings fried I have served these many times with great success.