Nutritious Rice Recipes

Everything Your Ever Wanted To Know About Cooking Rice

Here is a great collection of rice recipes for the rice lover in you.  Soul Food and Southern Cooking offers a full range of recipes for rice including: rice pudding, fried rice, chicken and rice, red beans and rice, Spanish rice and dirty rice just to name a few.

I always get excited when I think about cooking rice.  Why?  Because rice is inexpensive, easy to cook, and healthy.  You may disagree with the statement that rice is easy to cook.  If you do disagree, I'll show you how to make rice soon enough.  The process is simple.  You'll soon see that rice is easy to cook.

You can also find answers to the most asked about rice questions:

  • How do I cook rice?
  • How do I stop my rice from sticking?
  • Which rice is the most nutritious? Is it brown rice or white rice?
  • Which rice size is best for a particular dish?  I long-grain, medium-grain or short-grain rice the best?

If you have questions like these, you'll find the answers here.  Plus you can immediately download popular rice recipes to create a healthy side dish.

Recipes For Popular Rice Dishes

Dirty Rice

Dirty rice is another one of many delicious Cajun dishes that Louisianans have cooked up for many years. The traditional recipe called for chicken gizzards and livers as the main meat ingredient. However out of creativity the recipe for dirty rice has somewhat evolved. Today's variants include main ingredients such as ground beef, ham and sausage. Try a Cajun Style Dirty Rice now.

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is the simplest of dishes to make. Using ingredients you likely already have stocked in you kitchen, you can easily prepare a delicious dish that you can enjoy anytime of day. Try rice pudding today!

Fried Rice

Red Beans and Rice

Red beans and rice is a Louisiana and southern meal favorite. Beans and rice have always been cheap so this wholesome and nutritious dish is delicious as well as economically appealing. Try a Red Beans and Rice now.

Chicken and Rice

Neck Bones and Rice

Here is our modernized version of an old fashioned, real, and authentic recipe for cooking the most delicious and tasty neck bones and rice you'll ever taste.  Try out our neck bone recipe today.

Why You Should  Never Eat Instant Rice

How to cook rice?

So you have decided to lose your fear of cooking rice and to let go of the instant rice you have learned to love. You've made a wise decision to no longer consume instant rice.

Most people buy instant rice for two reasons: 1) ease of cooking and 2) reduced cooking times.  However, lets look at what else you get when you purchase instant rice.

  •   You pay more for rice which normally is inexpensive
  •   You buy rice with diminished nutrition value
  •   You trade flavor and texture for ease of cooking and reduce time

Yes instant rice is convenient, but you save money and create a better rice dish by avoiding minute rice.  Personally, I avoid instant rice and prefer to buy the less expensive, more nutritious and flavorful non-instant rice.