May 2006 Soul Food Dinner Menu Idea

Here's What's Cooking

Don't know what's for dinner?  You're not alone. The May 2006 soul food dinner menu suggestion answers the mail regarding what to cook for your next Sunday Dinner or social gathering.  If you're like me and many others, you have figured out that it can be difficult deciding what foods to serve your family or guest. 

Therefore, this page is in response to the most frequent request I get from people asking for soul food and southern cooking dinner ideas and recipes.  

Relax and put your mind at ease.  You're not alone in your indecision in not knowing what to cook or deciding on a suitable dinner menu.

Countless people throughout the country also struggle with this important decision.

Old Fashioned Soul Food Feast

The below dinner recipes are my suggestion for this months feast.

  • Iced/Sun Tea - try out this recipe for a cool and refreshing glass of sun tea.
  • Liver and Onions - this old fashioned liver and onions recipe will bring back some memories of the past.
  • Mashed Potatoes - these homemade mashed potatoes will complement some delicious homemade liver and onions
  • Corn Bread - this is one of the many bread recipes I enjoy eating with my meal.
  • Pecan Pie - the dessert will complete your liver and onions meal.  I like to serve my pecan pie with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

All of the previous dinner recipes are simple and will produce great tasting food. Next month you have two options.  You can return here and download the June 2006 soul food dinner idea or trust your instinct, be adventurous, and cook from the soul.

Please stop back by and visit us often for more soul food dinner menu ideas like the May 2006 Soul Food Dinner suggestion.

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