Don't Let The Easy Task Of Preparing
Easter Eggs beat You Down

With Easter Holiday approaching, it's time you started thinking about preparing Easter Eggs. Which type of eggs do you prefer? Traditional hard-boiled eggs or Plastic Eggs?

Whether you go with hard-boiled or plastic eggs, is totally depended on your particular taste and situation. In some cases you might even want to provide a combination of both.

Children who enjoy eating hard boiled eggs almost always prefer eggs prepared in the traditional way. Simple because they enjoy the experience of eating real eggs. On the other hand, kids that don't eat hard-boiled eggs get in on the fun if plastic eggs are provided.

So what will it be in your case? Will you hide real eggs or will you go with plastic eggs?

If you're pressed for time, stuffing plastic eggs with candy and other small treats is a great alternative to hard boiled eggs. It just doesn't make much sense to spend hours decorating eggs if the kids want eat them. Therefore, plastic eggs work especially well for children who want eat hard-boiled eggs.

How To Create A Great Tasting Easter Egg

Over the years I bet you have had many opportunities to taste Easter eggs. Some of which were not very tasty and some that where maybe even uneatable. I'm also sure you have had the fortune of tasting one that was boiled to perfection.

Have you every tasted an egg with yolks that were almost green? If so you'd remember the egg didn't taste so well. I'm here to tell you to forget about Easter eggs with green yolks.

Today you're going to learn how to produce boiled eggs with fluffy yellow yolks. In addition, you can use this egg boiling technique whenever any of your recipes call for hard-boiled eggs.

So now, you are obvious thinking how do you go about boiling eggs that result in fluffy yellow yolks?

The process is simple, place your eggs in a single layer in a large pot and cover with cold water. Place the pot on the stove and bring water to a full boil. Immediately remove boiling pot of hot water from the hot burner and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 15 to 20 minutes at the most.

Drain eggs, let them dry and you can begin to decorate the eggs. Depending on the number of eggs you want to boil you might have to repeat this process.

What If Your Kid(s) Don't Eat Hardboiled Eggs?

So you have a picky eater who want touch hard-boiled eggs?  If this is the case relax, because this is very common nowadays. For many different reasons, the taste of boiled eggs doesn't appeal to the taste buds of hundreds of thousands of kids.

The Plastic egg is a great alternative, that you can provide to children who prefer not to eat eggs prepared the traditional way for Easter.