Plastic Easter Eggs For Kids Who
Won't Eat Hard Boiled Eggs

Why does so many kids love plastic easter eggs?  For many reasons some kids just want eat traditional hard boiled Easter egg no matter what.  So it makes perfect since to have plastic eggs stuffed with candy and other goodies on hand.  That way all the kids will have an opportunity to find tradition easter eggs that they can eat or eggs that contain tasty eatable treats.

When it comes to plastic Easter eggs you basically have three choices.

  •   Plastic Eggs with Toy/Prizes
  •   Plastic Eggs with Candy
  •   Empty Plastic Eggs

Within these three categories, eggs will come in several sizes and an assortment of colors (single, two-tone or multi-colored eggs).

You can buy the eggs by the dozen or in bulk. If you have several friends with children and plan on having a group Easter egg hunt then you might want to consider buying plastic eggs in bulk. If not just buy a couple dozen eggs and you'll be okay.

Now that you're ready to buy some plastic eggs, the biggest decision you'll have to make is whether to buy empty eggs, eggs containing candy, eggs with toys/prizes or a combination.

If you wait too late to make the purchase you will be limited to whatever's left on the market. So my advice is to start your search for plastic eggs early, before all the good ones are taken.

That's about all I can say about plastic eggs. If you're going with traditional hard-boiled Easter eggs read on.

How To Make The Perfect Hard Boiled Easter Egg

You might want to provide some more variety to your Easter egg hunters. If this is the case, you must consider adding traditional hardboiled Easter eggs with your plastic eggs. There's no other experience like eating hard-boiled Easter eggs, besides it's just what the Easter Bunny would have wanted.

Here's the secret of How to Boil Perfect Easter Eggs that I want to share with you.