Who Else Wants Some Cool and Refreshing Summer Recipes That Will Quench and Satisfy Your Thirst?

Who wouldn't love to have cool and refreshing summer recipes like homemade pink lemonade, sweet tea, homemade lemonade, or sun tea?  

If you've every been thirsty for a cool and refreshing drink, to take your mind away from the hot and sweaty summer sun, you'd agree that at some point you've enjoyed one cold glass of tea or lemonade.

Today, you're in luck.

Just give any of the thrust quenching southern drink recipes below a try.

  •   Homemade Lemonade - This homemade lemonade recipe just doesn't get any simpler. All you need is some freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar, ice and you're good to go. This anytime drink will definitely quench your thrust on those hot summer days.
  •   Sweet tea - Drink this sweet tea and experience the sweet side of life. This recipe is for everyone, but especially for all you southerners who have moved away from the deep south. Enjoy this little taste of home from me to you!
  •   Homemade Pink Lemonade - Go ahead and give this old fashioned homemade pink lemonade recipe a try. This recipe calls for original pink lemonade ingredients. This classical southern drink is a delight to taste.
  •   Sun tea - With this sun tea recipe, you harness the sun's energy and brew up a jug of southern delight. You can get the rest of your family involved with this easy to make tea recipe.

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This summer it's okay for you to enjoy all of these cool and refreshing summer recipes.