Cool and Refreshing Southern Drinks

Get ready for some cool and refreshing summer southern drinks. After many years of watching I have come to the realization that most folks underestimate the power of a cool and refreshing drink on a hot summers day. 

I see far too many people walking around in a under hydrated state. If you stay hydrated by drinking adequate liquids you can prevent dehydration. 

Let's talk more about drinking cool and refreshing beverages.

I'm talking about non-alcoholic drinks and not the alcoholic variety.  Nothing dehydrates you quicker than when consuming alcohol when its hot outside. 

That's why we recommend non-alcoholic drinks and beverages. I not an alcohol drinker, so now that summer is here I look forward to mixing up some of my favorite southern non-alcoholic beverages. 

Not a summer goes by that I don't pull out my best glass pitcher and glasses and then head off to the local grocery store to pick up plenty of ice and fresh lemons. 

With ice, pitcher, glass, and lemon in hand, I'm always ready to mix up either homemade lemonade, sweet tea, sun tea or pink lemonade.  If you're ready for some cool and refreshing drinks as well, please try some of the recipes below.

Cool and Refreshing Drink Recipes

  • Homemade Lemonade - A quick and easy homemade lemonade recipe. Just add lemons, sugar, and ice for a cool and refreshing drink.
  • Pink Lemonade - Give this old fashioned homemade pink lemonade recipe a try. Recipe calls for the original ingredient of grenadine syrup. This classical southern drink is a delight to taste.
  • Sun Tea - Drink sun tea - harness the sun's energy and brew up a jug of southern delight. Get the rest of your family involved with this easy tea recipe.
  • Sweet Tea - Drink sweet tea and experience the sweet side of life. This recipe is for everyone, but especially for all you southerners who have moved away from the deep south. Enjoy this taste of home.

We provided you three universally favorite recipes.  So now there should be no excuse for you to find yourself in a situation of being dehydrated.  Stay hydrated by enjoying a cool and refreshing homemade drink like lemonade or tea.