Soul Food Cabbage Recipe

Below you'll find a link to a soul food cabbage recipe that I usually cook for Sunday dinner.  From time to time, when requested, I also prepare this cabbage recipe during the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday season.

My two favorite ways to prepare cabbage are discussed below. 

My personal preference is to boil the cabbage, but I often a stir fry recipe because this is they way my wife and son prefer.

Boiled Cabbage

What I love most about cabbage is the fact that the vegetable is low in calorie, it improves your complexion, and helps your body with food digestion.

In addition to boiling my cabbage, on occasion I'll stir fry cabbage as well.

The stir fried cabbage recipe below is the one I use, it's easy to prepare and inexpensive.

Stir Fried Cabbage

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