10 Recipe Ingredient Substitutes
For Healthier Soul Food Meals

Why consider recipe ingredient substitutes? Great question. Do you find yourself constantly wondering how to make your soul food meals healthier?  If you answered yes, a ingredient substitute should be your order of the day.

You now longer have to sacrifice heath for good eating.

Just incorporate one or more of our cooking ingredient substitutes to produce a healthier meal and you want have to feel guilty anymore.  

You can make many different substitutions including some of the following:

  •   Flour or sugar substitutes
  •   Dairy product substitutes
  •   Sodium or salt substitutes
  •   Meat substitutes
  •   Fat/oil substitutes

The bottom line is, you can now have healthier versions of the comfort foods you crave that will not necessarily negatively impact your health.  

There are many recipe ingredient substitutes to implement in your recipes. The only limitations to what you can do are self imposed.

Try These Quick and Easy Food Substitutions

Here are 10 food substitutes for your soul food recipes that can have the most impact.

  1. When baking breads, substitute plain white flour with whole wheat flour
  2. Heavy and whipping cream should be replace with evaporated skim milk or one part milk/cream
  3. If a recipe calls for whole milk instead use 1% or fat free milk
  4. Get rid of regular cheese which should be replaced by low fat or part skim cheese
  5. Instead of using the whole egg, substitute two egg whites for each egg called out in your recipe
  6. Replace that fattening ham hock and fat back with smoked turkey
  7. Canadian and turkey bacon make for great substitutes for fatty bacon and sausage
  8. Canola and olive oils are good replacements for butter, lard and fatback
  9. When cooking baked goods replace unhealthy cooking oils with applesauce
  10. Instead of pouring on the salt use herbs and spices

There you have it, 10 recipe and cooking ingredient substitutes for your soul food meals.  This list is not all inclusive. There are many creative ways to cut the calories, cholesterol, salt, fat and sugar away, to produce healthy meals.

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