How to Cook Salmon at Home

Elvin from San Diego asked..."Anyone know how to cook salmon? I'm starting out on a new diet, getting away from red meat and pork. I thought I should try my hand at cooking and easting fish. Seeing how I live near the coast I figured I'd give salmon a try. 

I am not sure as to whether I should eat poached, grilled, broiled or baked salmon. If you have a moment please tell me how you prepare salmon.

Elvin we commend you for deciding on a lifestyle change of getting away for red meat and pork to a more healthy eating.  We wish we could do the same, but we love our soul foods.

My family loves to cook salmon in a pan and from time to time we will cook salmon in the oven. In any case here is an excellent video that teach you how to cook salmon in a pan.

How to Cook Salmon

Cooked SalmonGrilled Salmon With Asparagus and Yellow Rice

By: Soul Food Chef

Elvin, just last week I cooked up some delicious grilled salmon for lunch for my family after returning home from church. I used a couple of frozen salmon fillets/steaks. These were individually wrapped so I added them to a bowl of water and left them to thaw in the refrigerator for most of the morning while I enjoyed Sunday service.

When I returned home the salmon fillets were thawed. I removed them from the wrapping, towel dried them with paper towels then brushed both sides with peanut oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Meanwhile I heated my cast-iron skillet for ten minutes. After ten minutes I reduced the heat to medium and added the salmon fillets cooking them for 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

I served the grilled salmon with boiled broccoli and sliced carrots. I must add that my wife and mother loved the finished product. 

Give this recipe a try and tell me what you think. - See more fish and seafood recipes here -