How to Cook Oxtails

I'd like to know "How to cook Oxtails?".

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Sep 29, 2011
Old Oxtail Recipe
by: Anonymous

Hello, have you ever added bay leaves to your plain oxtail recipe?

When I was young my Mother would add bay leaves, onion, green bell pepper, black pepper, salt to taste, or no salt which is healthier, giving it a distinct flavor.

I just purchased some very expensive oxtails and I am trying to reinvent that flavor now that I am middle aged.

Here is a tip from some senior chefs.

When you buy any processed fresh or frozen meat, poultry, and fish, whole not ground up, place the meat in a covered bowl of water over night. The next morning the water will be a pinkish. Pour that water off, then start your recipe.


Healthier meat without those preservatives they add that is poisoning our bodies. We need not perish because of lack of knowledge.

Thanks for your website.
Ann from Texas

Dec 22, 2008
Here' How to Cook Oxtails
by: Soul Food Chef

Glad you asked the question of how to cook oxtails. I like cooking oxtails to add as the main ingredient in my vegetable soups. The only way I know how is to boil them up until they are nice and tender. Below is the link to an oxtails soup recipe that has already been uploaded to my website.

Oxtail Soup Recipe


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