Atlanta Soul Food Restaurants

Look Who's Serving Up The Best Soul Food In ATL

Soul Food restaurants in Atlanta continue to thrive despite having to compete in an ever emerging food industry.

The city's unprecedented growth rate over the last twenty years has resulted in the reinvention of soul food cuisine.

Yes, you can still find old school down home cooking, but you also have a new selection of exquisitely prepared soul food.

Soul Food that was once serve to civil rights activist is now a staple to the diverse residents of ATL, the city now called "The Capital of The South".

On any given day you can see crowds of people lined up to enjoying deliciously prepared soul food at a variety of soul food restaurants.

Through innovation several well established soul food restaurants have withstanded the test of time including Thelma's Kitchen and Rib Shack, The Beautiful, Pascal's, and Satterwhite's. New comer's to ATL's soul food scene include Annie Laura's Kitchen, Justin's Restaurant and Sylvia's.

Soul food restaurants of varying qualities are abundant in and around Atlanta the city known to some as the "Black Mecca". You will find a full range of restaurants from upscale to Mom and Pop type establishments. So it's important to call ahead to see if the restaurant you plan to attend has the type of service you want offered.

The Best Soul Food Restaurants In A-T-L

Justin's Restaurant and Bar
Celebrity sightings - Eat here, see the celebs or been seen by them. You choose.

Sylvia's Restaurant in Atl
Now you can experience a taste of Harlem with a southern twist.

Thelma's Kitchen
Inexpensive down home southern cooking. The owner and staff will make you feel welcomed.

New Pascals Restuarant
Pascal's Southern Delight located at Hartsfield International Airport is serving up wholesome soul food for weary travelers.

Gladys Knight and Ron Winans Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and Waffles have never tasted better due two Gladys and Ron's southern hospitality.

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Note: The soul food menus, features and prices presented for these restaurants can change at anytime. Therefore please call ahead to confirm the latest information, prices and restaurant features before visiting your favorite soul food restaurant.

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