website helps me save money on grocery bills

by Sylvia
(Palm Bay, FL)

I use this neat website that helps me save money on grocery bills. Every week before grocery shopping I check out my favorite website for finding the best deals on groceries. The website I use is

Go to the website and just put in your zip code and select the grocery stores in your area and they show you the special deals for that week. Saves going store to store to comparison shop. I also use coupons whenever I can.

Also when something is on special, such as meat deals we buy extra and freeze in our Food Saver bags. The local Sam's club often has boneless pork loin for a little over $2 a pound and we buy one usually around $18. My husband cuts it up into chops, and we usually get around 10 meals out of it (but I have to add that there is just my husband and me - senior citizens).

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