Shop the Sales Ads

by Martha Bryan
(Sunland, CA)

Every Tuesday night I go through the grocery store ads for the coming week and make my lists from them. I go to four different grocery stores, all within about 5 miles from where I live.

Not only do I list the things that I definitely want to buy, but also the things that I _MIGHT_ want to buy. That way, during the week, if I'm at a loss for what to fix for dinner, I look at my ads and see what's on sale.

Since I keep my pantry, freezer and refrigerator well stocked with basic supplies, I only have to shop for other ingredients if it's something out of the ordinary, and that way I can go to the store and only have to get a few things.

The meat items I buy are usually in the "Extreme Value" packs. I re-package them when I get home, in freezer bags of serving sizes that are appropriate for my husband and me.

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