Make a list of needed items and buy generic

by Shirley Times
(Memphis, Tennessee)

My 2nd best advice is to "Never shop when you are hungry" (impulse shopping). Make a list of the items you need before going shopping and stick to your list regardless of price and sale item temptations. Shop only for item needed weekly to avoid stocking items in freezer for later use, ultimately forcing you to eat out or shopping again for quick fix and hectic day food items. Use coupons if you have them. Check weekly sale ads to compare prices and decide where to shop after making your weekly menu list. Avoid items such as hair products, personal hygiene, etc., that can be purchased cheaper at the dollar store for instance.

My best advice yet, if you have time to eye-buy and I use this tip especially for meats and higher end item purchases. Stores usually mark items down 50% or more a couple of days before the "sell by date" listed on food items. Scan the items you are interested in and wait to shop at a later date for better buys.

Happy hunting.

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