You Can Earn Top Prize By Easily Beating Out The Professional Chef and Baker, Here's How to Win A Recipe Contest That You Enter

Ready to learn how to win a recipe contest?

Today, we'd like to share with you, our best tips and strategies that teach you how to win a recipe contest so that you can increase your chances of winning any recipe contests that you decide to enter.

What are our TOP 4 Tips and Strategies for Entering and Winning a Recipe Contest, BBQ Contest, or Baking Contest?

1. Submit a Photography of Your Finished Dish - This is an overlooked and often forgotten step that could really make the difference in whether you will contend for the top prize. It's hard, no virtually impossible, for judges not to take serious any recipe that is submitted with wonderful and appealing photos of the finished recipe. You should take several photos and submit the maximum number of pictures allowed.

2. Create an Eye Catching and Great Sounding Recipe Name - Be creative when naming your recipe. Outside of selecting a recipe based off its a list of ingredients, it's important to remember that in many cases people will decide to try out your dish recipe based soley on the name of the recipe. That said, strong consideration should be given to naming your recipe before you submit it.

3. Use the Right Ingredients or Products - Pay close attention to see if the contest requires you to use specific ingredients. If so, design a recipe around using as many of the listed ingredients or products as possible. Recipes submitted that do not use what is called out in the contest rules will not be considered. You'd be surprised how many people's recipes are disqualified becuase they didn't used the requested ingredients or products as called out in the recipe contest.

4. Read, Understand and Follow the Contest Rules - Beleive it or not, most recipes submitted are automatically eliminated from consideration by the judges because the contest rules are not following. Your first step in the process is to take the time to read and thorughly understand the contest rules and guidlines so as not to be disqualified before the real judging starts.

More How to Win A Recipe Contest Tips and Strategies

5. Simple Recipes Win - When deciding which recipe to enter, keep things simple. In many cases, the top prizes have been won by cooks that featured recipes using simples, common, everyday ingredients. More often than not, the winning recipes will have easy to follow, step by step preparation instructions and using standardcooking methods and measurements.

6. Submit A Few Recipes for Each Contest - Rule permitting, you should submit more than one recipe. You can submit a recipe in the same or more than one category to increase your chances of winning.

7. You Must Enter the Contest to Win - Do not be afraid to enter out of fear you will not win. Most people make a costly mistake when deciding whether or not they should enter a cooking contest or recipe contest. They mistakenly choose not to enter free contests out of fear that they will lose to a professional chef or baker. In most cases this myth is entirely untrue with most contest being won by non professional everyday cooks, LIKE you.

8. The Winning 1-2-3-4 Combination - Recipes that win contest over and over have four things in common. Most importantly, the finished product must tastes great. Despite this fact, you have to get the judges excited about the recipe first by leading with an appealing photo of your finished dish and lead with a creative name, as well as, submitting a recipe the conforms to the contest rules, i.e. within theme using any requested ingredients or products.

At this point it is easy to see that you can beat out the competition by following some or all of the how to win a recipe contest tips and strategies we mentioned above.

We hope you have enjoyed our How to Win a Recipe Contest article and decide to use the information we provided wisely to enter and win your next rrecipe Contest, bbq contest, or baking contest.

That said, it's time for you to enter and win your first recipe contest.

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