Who Else Wants to Know How To Make Scrambled Eggs?

scrambled eggsScrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs have always been one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs. I love their light and fluffy texture that's created when they're cooked with a bit of butter or oil.

They pair so well with toast, bacon or sausage, and even on their own are packed with flavor.

You can make them as simple as desired by just adding a bit of salt and pepper, or make them more complex by adding in a variety of herbs and vegetables.

Either way, you'll be sure to enjoy the delicious taste of scrambled eggs!

It is my opinion that to prepare a home cooked breakfast you have to know how to make scrambled eggs.


Because breakfast foods like scrambled eggs go well with other breakfast menu items like bacon, french toast, pancakes, or waffles.

Have you ever tried to make scrambled eggs for your family for breakfast but failed miserably? 

If you answered yes, you're not alone...welcome to the club. 

No need to worry anymore, in fact here is a sure-fire way of learning how to scrambled eggs that won't end up in your garbage can.

Or go straight down the garbage disposal.

What You'll Need for this Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Kitchen Items:

  • 5-7 inch non-stick frying pan
  • wooden spoon or spatula
  • fork
  • bowl
  • plate

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 2 to 4 eggs (2 eggs per person)
  • stick of butter or cooking spray
  • milk
  • salt and pepper

Here's a Simple Recipe on How to Make Scrambled Eggs

Recipe Instructions:

  1. Place your frying pan on the stove and turn up the heat to medium. Take the stick of butter and grease the pan (If you prefer, you can also use cooking spray).
  2. Take two eggs and gently crack them into the bowl, adding salt and pepper. Next add two tablespoons of milk and beat the eggs with a fork until smooth, ensuring the yokes have completely separated (Note: the added milk gives a lighter texture to the eggs).
  3. As soon as you hear the sizzling of the butter in the pan, add the egg mixture. Take the wooden spoon or spatula and begin to gently stir the eggs, ensuring that you run your spoon or spatula around the edges of the eggs, moving them towards the middle of the pan. Keep stirring until the eggs are cooked to your satisfaction. With the spoon, take the eggs out of the pan and place them on the plate.

Of note, your eggs can be cooked either well done or slightly runny, depending upon your preference.

Remember, the more you cook with eggs, the more confident you will become and soon you'll be the master chef when it comes to scrambling eggs.

This recipe provided courtesy of https://www.soulfoodandsoutherncooking.com/