How To Fix Pork Neck Bones

by Brenda
(Columbus, Ohio - usa)

I would like to know how to fix pork neck bones or have a recipe for pork neck bones.

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Aug 10, 2011
Using pork neck bones
by: Anonymous

Pork neck bones are great in lentil soup to add some meaty flavor and little bits of meat.

Or barbecued, like ribs.

But the best way to use pork neck bones is to brown in good olive oil and add to homemade spaghetti sauce. Let simmer on low for hours. The combination of meatballs, sausage and neck bones gives an unbeatable flavor to sauce.

Sunday spaghetti dinner is very hearty with all that meat. The leftover neckbone meat can be removed from the bones and added to the leftover sauce for a great meat sauce or it can be used as a substitution for ground meat in lasagna.

Jan 25, 2009
How To Cook Neck Bones
by: Soul Food Chef


Pork neck bones are very simple and easy to prepare. Slow cooking is the key to cooking up a pot of delicious, flavorful neck bones. If available in you local supermarket, be sure to try you hand at preparing some smoked neck bones for some added flavor. Just follow the link below for a good recipe.

Neck Bones

The recipe calls for green beans and white potatoes to be cooked up with the meat and served over a bed of rice.

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