Learn How To Cook With Herbs and Spices

The Secret and Arts Behind the Process

So you want to learn how to cook with herbs and spices?  Do you want to know "What's in it for you"? I want waste your time, I'll give you the benefits up front to adding moderate amounts of herbs and spices to your meats, vegetables, breads and desserts.

Here are the benefits and case for why you should use herbs and spices while you cook:

  • They can be used to decorate your dishes since they're visually appealing.
  • They provide an abundance of flavor, forget about bland foods.
  • They provide enormous flavor without the added calories, fats, salt and sugar.

Okay lets get down to the tips and secrets to cooking with herbs and spices.  

But before we advance, do you need a refresher course on the basics of herbs and spices?  

If so, read my article on How to Spice up your Life by Cooking with Herbs and Spices.

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General Information About Herbs and Spices

Don't go overboard, pace yourself. Use herbs and spices sparingly. Most newbies have a tendency to put herbs on everything. It's okay to add spice to your food, but limit the amount of herbs you use.

If you're on or looking to start a low sodium and salt diet look no further. Herbs and spices are ideal candidates for adding flavor without the unhealthy addition of salt to your meals.

Or maybe you're into the low fat food preparation phase. Just because you are on a low fat diet, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste. If you cook with herbs and spices you can reduce your intake of fats, sugar and sodium. However, the best news is that herbs and spices have few calories if any and your food will still be packed with flavor.

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What's The Conversion Rate For Converting From Dried to Fresh Herb?

Once you start to routinely cook with herbs, you'll soon find that it's almost impossible to have the right mix between dried and fresh herbs.

What happens if a recipe calls for fresh herbs and I only have the dry equivalents?

I get asked this question all the time. Here is the general rule of thumb for converting from dried to fresh herbs: 1/3 teaspoon ground herbs = 1 teaspoon dried herb = 1 tablespoon fresh herb.

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