Learn Hot To Cook Cabbage With These Important Facts and Recipes

So you want to cook cabbage? Great you made a wise decision. I ate cabbage frequently while I was growing up and had no idea how healthy this vegetable really is.

Since cabbage is available rear round it can be a healthy addition to your soul food meal. Most people boil their cabbage, however cabbage is still packed with flavor when is fried or steamed. Cabbage can be prepared and eaten in a variety of ways including raw, juiced, cooked or preserved.

Cabbage has several health and monetary benefits:

  •   Low in calories, 1 cup boiled = about 30 calories
  •   Improves digestion
  •   Reduces constipation
  •   Contains Vitamin C and E, thought to improve skin health and appearance
  •   Very Inexpensive

Before cooking that tasty cabbage recipe, here are some things you may want to know before you cook cabbage.

How to Buy and Store Cabbage

You can buy green, red or savoy cabbage at your local grocery store or farmer's market. Or maybe you're fortunate enough to have access to fresh cabbage from a garden? Whatever your situation here is what to look for in a fresh head of cabbage.

  •   The head of cabbage should be firm and thick
  •   The head should also contain only a few lost other leaves
  •   The leaves should contain no bruising or browning
  •   The leaves should be crisp and colorful
  •   Leaves should reflect the color you are buying; the darker the better
  •   Very Inexpensive

The storage of cabbage is simple. Store your uncut cabbage for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. The cabbage should be placed in a perforated plastic bag. No problem, if you only use half of the cabbage in your recipe. Just wrap and tightly seal the leftover fresh cabbage in plastic wrap.

Once cabbage has been cut it quickly loses its Vitamin C content. Therefore it's important that you avoid buying precut or shredded cabbage.

How to Prepare Cabbage for Cooking by Cleaning and Shredding

The preparation of cabbage for cooking isn't too difficult. It only involves clean and cutting the cabbage.

Clean your cabbage by removing the outer layer of leaves. Cut you cabbage head into quarters and then rinse under cold running water. Visible inspect your cabbage for the presence of insects or worms. If they are present that's okay. Rid the insects by soaking your cabbage in vinegar water for 20 minutes.

Now that the cabbage is cleaned, it's time for shredding. Using a stainless steel knife cut the stem off of each quarter. Now the cabbage is ready to be shredded by hand, by using a kitchen mandoline or a food processor. To shred by hand place the cabbage with flat side down on a cutting board. Cut the cabbage in slices to desired thickness.

Here is some finally food for thought. Cut your head of cabbage just before cooking to avoid losing its Vitamin C content.

What's Next? It's Time to Cook Cabbage

So now that you have prepared your cabbage for cooking it's time for the fun part. Cabbage can be prepared or cooked in various ways, depending on your taste. Some of the most popular cabbage recipes include:

  •   Boiled cabbage
  •   Cole Slaw
  •   Corned beef and cabbage
  •   Fried cabbage
  •   Cabbage soup

Okay you are now armed with the knowledge required to cook cabbage. Go ahead and prepare a tasty dish of cabbage today.

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