Low Fat Soul Cook Book Review

Please enjoy this free online cook book review.  Low Fat Soul is a healthy cook book authored by Jonell Nash, a food editor for Essence Magazine.  Nash gets straight to the point and discusses what matters most and points out the obvious.  That we need to adjust the way we eat and live.  Throughout history African Americans as well as most southerners have prepared and eaten foods high in cholesterol, fat, and salt.

For obvious health reasons, we can not continue to eat unhealthy foods and expect to live a long and rewarding life.  

The authors' response is the cook book Low Fat Soul food. A collection of old traditional family favorites modernized into new healthy and flavorful meals.

Low fat Soul features over 100 recipes.  

Additionally, Nash provides a brief history of soul food and other useful ideas and recommendations for stripping out and lowering cholesterol, fats, and sugar.

Finally, the author hopes to dismiss your worries and reassure you that you can prepare healthy, tasteful soul food that is low in fat, sugar ,and cholesterol.  

Having read the book and after trying out some of the recipes I provided the advice.  For health purposes you should implemented some of Nash's fat reduction tips.  Also my favorite recipes include Mama's old fashioned chicken and dumplings, seafood gumbo, and collard greens quiche.  Enough about me, go ahead read the book, try out the recipes, then stop back by and leave your review.

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