Want To Know How to Win This Recipe Contest?

Do you want to win this recipe contest?

Since you're sharing your family secret I might as well tell you how to increase your chances of winning the grand prize.

Actually it’s very simple just follow some or all of the tips as outline below.

Tip #1 - Tell All Your Friends And Family To
Vote And Comment On Your Recipe

A recipe submission that receives plenty of feedback from our web site visitors has a better chance of winning a prize. By feedback, I mean votes and comments that are left talking about your recipe.

Since I receive thousands of visitors to this site per day there is a good chance that someone will see your recipe, try it out and later return and leave comments about how easy the recipe was to prepare and how great the food tasted.

However, your recipe will not always appeal to every visitor. So you should have your family and friends visit this website, vote and add comments about their experience with the dish they created from the recipe you submitted.

Remember the recipe with the most votes and most meaningful comments most often wins a prize.

Tip #2 - Easy Always Wins The Race

Make your recipe as simple to follow as possible. If the recipes ingredients are too hard to find and the recipe seems too complicate most people will not give your recipe a try.

However if the recipe is simple and uses common household cooking ingredients there's a good chance that visitors will try out your family favorite recipe.

Tip #3 - Give Your Recipe A Winning Name

Give your recipe a interesting name that will grab the visitors attention and make them want to see what your recipe is all about.

If you can entice someone to look more carefully at your recipe there is a good chance they will try it out and come back later to vote and submit comments.

Tip #4 - Make Sure Your Recipe Is Complete

Lots and lots of incomplete recipes are submitted each week. For recipes like this the chances of winning are slim, since without a complete recipe people are not able to try the recipe. By incompelete I mean list all ingredients and leave detailed instructions on how to prepare the recipe.

Tip #5 - Make Your Personal Story Interesting

Tell the story of how your recipe came to be and how many stomachs and hearts you have touched by creating your marvelous dish.

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