Tired of Extra Baggage

I have tried a couple of things but to be honest..I get tired of eating the same old boring foods and making arrangements to go out walking, that I literally QUIT!!

I know if I really want to lose the weight I could, but I need some good Southern LOW FAT recipes and a daily schedule to go with it.

I have tried weight lost pills, walking, changing up my eating habits, drinking only water and doing the Atkins diet.

One of my biggest problems(i believe)is..I want to see immediate results, I need to remember that I did not get this way overnight and I am not going to lose this weight overnight.

I use to weigh 125 for most of my life, now I can honestly say, I am at about 260. That's double the size my body is use to. I have had three children but I was sickly during pregnancy and lost weight, so I can't blame them.

If you could help me regain my body back..I am not looking for the 125, but at least 200lbs., I would be satisfied..I come from a line of Big Boned women..so I think I will always be thick, but I want to be well-proportioned!

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