This is my very first diet experience

by Christi

I have never tried dieting before. I just started gaining weight and I need help to stop it now before it gets out of control.

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Jun 17, 2009
Girl Friend I Do Understand
by: Anonymous

Hi, Although you did not mention your age and I won't mention mine either, however once I became over the age of 35, I too began gaining weight and really not paying much attention to it because in the past I'd had some weight gain but always managed to lose it with little effort.

But now in my early 50's I've found it quite difficult to do so. I've tried several diets and although they worked for a while it just didn't seem to last.

I would always be hungry or eat because I was upset, board, name it, it became an excuse for eating.

I'm now down to 199lbs and believe me that is an improvement. Anyway I've just decided to really start caring for me and I've started with eating more meals during the day, but much smaller portions and it seems to be helping me allot.

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