Sweet fried cornbread cakes

My grandmother used to make the best sweet fried cornbread. They looked like little pancakes and they melted in your mouth! Unfortunately she passed away six years ago and no one bothered learning to make them while she was living. We all thought she'd always be here to cook for us. :-(

Please share your recipe if you have one.

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Feb 18, 2012
The Way My Mother Made Fried Southern Cornbread
by: Anonymous

My mothers fried cornbread was the best. Just buy the plain cornmeal not self rising. Pour meal in bowl, then add a little salt to approximately 2 cups meal. Fave boiling water to pour over meal, just adding enough so that its a little mushy. Add in a little bacon grease and add a dab of sweet milk. Next get bowl of cold water. Have iron skillet hot with 1/2 cup oil in skillet. Make cornmeal mixture into patties and use cold water to pat hands in. Fry patties in hot oil till
brown on both sides remove and drain on brown
paper bag. Serve with turnip greens.

Sep 24, 2011
Sweet Fried Cornbread
by: Anonymous

Do you love the taste of sweet fried cornbread?

Well here is my favorite recipe for preparing the best tasting sweet cornbread. Make your favorite homemade cornbread recipe (hope you have one), just substitute your shortening and/or oil for melted unsalted butter.

Make sure you use buttermilk for your liquid. Most important your cornmeal needs to soften before frying if you don't want it too grainy; to do this add a bit of boiling water to cornmeal, stir and cover and let sit for 7 minutes.

Add buttermilk, let mixture sit 5 more minutes. Then add your melted butter, egg, flour, teaspoon of sugar (per two cups of batter) and baking powder to cornmeal and stir by hand just until mixed.

Fry in unsalted butter over medium heat same way you make a pancake (I always use my cast iron skillet for these). Your batter should be only a little thicker than pancake batter. Brush with unsalted melted butter and serve.

I make them so much that I don't measure ingredients. Cook one, see how you like it and adjust to your taste. Try less sugar if serving for dinner or topping with jam or honey.

p.s look up a "Johnny Cake or Ho-Cake" recipe.

Sep 23, 2011
Fried Cornbread
by: Anonymous

Take a regular cornbread recipe make it a little thicker add about 1 tablespoon extra sugar. Then fry making sure your oil is hot before dropping mixture by large serving spoonfuls into it. You can adjust the sugar taste to your liking.

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