Shop where your know the prices on chain stores are much lower

by Wilma Caswell
(Good Ole USA)

Make a weekly menu on food your family likes and vary it each week so the meal will be a surprise or perhaps the computer offers nourshing, quick meals, and add a decorated salad for color and additional vitamins and protien. Blend veggies together for a treat that is disguised - think of them as smoothies. Buy just for that one week.

Back in the depression many of us enjoyed a hot bowl of cooked cornmeal w/o sugar but with fresh cows milk. Maybe we had a huge slice of homemade bread with real butter. The bread was made from a sour dough sponge using hops to help with the flavor and assist with the rise. We grew up with strong bones, good teeth, strong and healthy bodies with very little sick time and never knew we were poor. We had love. too.

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