Shop Early In The Morning

by Lora Robinson
(Port Richey, Florida)

I shop early morning mostly buying meat, as they cost the most, I buy my beef & pork in large slab's it's so much cheaper, then bring it home & cut it up myself.

I will buy a slab of beef with no bone for around $25.00 & the pork as well. I use a lot more beef so I buy 2 & have one ground up for hamburger, the other one I cut myself, so for around $75.00 a month I eat like a Queen.

I get enough meat for the whole month, by doing it this way I only need to buy my meat every 2 month & I save a lot of money as I am not paying for the bone as we all know most of your meat is by the pound this way I only pay for the meat & use all of it there is no bone or fat to throw away & so much healthier as the beef is very lean hardly any fat to it at all.

By doing it this way I save so much money as I only pay around $2.00 a pound compared to say pork chops at $3.79 a pound or $3.00 for hamburger a pound and so on, it has worked for me with 6 children I save a lot of money.

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