Pot Roast and Dressing

by Clara
(Amelia, Ohio)

My moms best dish was always Pot Roast and Dressing. She would use a flat chuck roast. Season and brown. Then put in foil with onion and a bit of garlic and bake until l done.

Meanwhile she would make a batch of cornbread for the dressing. The dressing consisted of saute onion and celery. Mix this in with the crumbled cornbread, add some stale torn up white bread, sage and a bit of rosemary. Add chicken broth to all to make the dressing moist.

When the roast is done cut into slices. Put dressing in a large pan and tuck the roast slices into it.

Bake about 30 to 45 until dressing in done. Remove from oven and pour over the gravy you have made from the drippings.

Yum yum, good eating.

This was her company dish, served with green beanshome canned maybe baked apples and coleslaw. We always had fruit salad,[canned with the addition of bananas and some home canned peaches. The fruit salad was served along side homemade coconut cake. I was shocked when grown to find out this was not a dish everyone served. Coconut cake without fruit salad, whats with that. Pot Roast and dressing is still my favorite meal good and easy on the budget.

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