by Erin
(Dallas, Texas)

I came across your website today looking for a neck bones recipe. Need less to say I first started searching on and the search tool could not find anything with neckbones in it...hmmm, I wonder why? Anyway my google search popped you up, and am I so glad it did!
I am a Sous Chef in a cafe in North Dallas, Texas. The owner and head chef is from East Texas, so you can guess what type of food we prepare there at the restaurant... very yummy Southern cooking!

Anyway I am always looking to amp up the kitchen with new recipes, so thank you for your continued work to make this website better for your guests!

One thing I would suggest is that you would have pictures of the recipe next to it! I myself pick and choose things by the presentation of it. I think that would really boost your hits!

Keep up the hard work,

Love to cook food with Love!

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