Old family favorites

by Gina Chambers
(Phoenix, AZ)

I wanted to thank you for setting up this site as every now and then I remember a recipe from childhood that somehow was not passed down and now the family member that was known for making it for family get togethers has left us without passing on her recipe. I have had luck in finding recipes here that appear to be very close to the ones I remember.

There is one, however, that I have been unable to find a good replacement for. It is a baked rice pudding that instead of being creamy and "scoopable" was cut into squares and was absolutely delicious. As I have done web searches I have found others looking for this same kind of recipe. I have played around and made a few by starting with a basic custard with I started by scalding the milk with a cinnamon stick and then adding vanilla when it was finished then adding my eggs and adding rice, then baking until firm but I have not been able to get my proportions correct; usually ending up with too much rice and not enough custard. If you could find and post a similar recipe I would be forever indebted, as would be my family. The other was a cookie that my grandmother made that she called "teacakes". They were basically a shortbread type cookie that was rich, buttery and a little bit crumbly and absolutely delish!

Thank you for your work and time that has gone into this site and I am so happy to see so many southern favorites so the younger generations can continue eating and caring on the traditions that we have for so very long and making everyday and special day with good food that reflects our southern heritage.

Warmest Regards,
Mr and Mrs Michael Chambers

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