Nursing Mother

by Akelia
(Houston, TX)

It's been six months since I gave birth.

I'm a nursing mother who is looking to diet but before I do I want to know if it is safe. In the past, I have given up on every diet I have tried because a love eating my southern food. But after putting on so much weight while carrying my first child I feel it's time to lose the weight for good

I'm not eating so good right no. Sorry to admit I eat pretty much anything I have a craving for right now. I know this is not a good thing to do, that's why I'm looking to change the way I eat.

As far as dieting, I feel I should be able to eat more whole and healthy foods while I continue to breastfeed my little one.

I know I'm not the first mother to be in this type of situation and was hoping someone could provide me some wisdom to get me through a tough time.

What are you thoughts on how I should proceed in order to lose this weight?

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